Offline translation software

Euroglot NMT Desktop for Windows is offline machine translation software and runs standalone on your local computer.

Neural translation software

In a world where data leaks are an every day reality, keeping your classified source texts safe is more important than ever. Sending your information to someone else's server is always a risk. That's why we created Euroglot NMT offline translation software. Use the power of neural machine translation without the need of an internet connection.


Reduce translation costs

Translate pieces of text or entire documents without character limitations or prices per characters. For a low annual price you can translate as much as you want.


Increase your efficiency

Translate faster with the help of neural machine translation. However, don't forget to proofread and post-edit your text.



All the information stays on your computer, and your computer only

Euroglot NMT Features

With Euroglot NMT you can make use of the intelligent editor that preserves your formatting. Next to that, you can import and export Word and PDF documents

Easy On Your Wallet

Translate as much as you want, no character limits.

Time Saver

Speed up your translaion process.

Import and export documents

Translate entire documents in Word and PDF format.


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